Time Out New York Project: Issue #741, December 10-16, 2009


Dir. Nimród Antal. 2009. PG-13. 88mins. Matt Dillon, Columbus Short, Laurence Fishburne.

Iraq War vet turned armored-car guard Ty Hackett (Short) is feeling the financial screws tighten, so he agrees to join in on a $42 million heist cooked up by his colleague and godfather, Michael (Dillon). What distinguishes this robbery-gone-wrong flick is the authentically blue-collar vibe, as well as its stellar ensemble cast and terrific direction from Vacancy’s Nimród Antal. The film ultimately grants too much of an easy out to Hackett, who has a crisis of conscience after things take a bloody turn. But Antal and his performers’ pure B-movie esprit is undeniable.—Keith Uhlich