Who am I?

Keith Uhlich is a writer and critic based in Brooklyn, New York. He is interested in the “motion-picture” arts, be they film, television, or gallery work. He was a staff film critic at Time Out New York from 2009-2014, and he has written/continues to write for ICON, Slant Magazine, Reverse Shot, Sight & Sound, The Hollywood Reporter, and others. He is a member of the New York Film Critics Circle and a rabid X-Phile (nickname: Paley Guy).

About this site

(All (Parentheses)) — the title comes from a line in a Mark Rappaport video essay — is Keith’s primary webpage. A number of the pieces here also appear on Letterboxd. His full archive (in process) can be found at The Completist.


You can write (cordially) to Keith at keithuhlich@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.