Complete: Intro and Index

At Least It's An Ethos

I started my personal website The Completist, of which (All (Parentheses)) is now the blogging offshoot, intending to cover full filmographies. Of directors, certainly, since I have a fair share of auteurist in me. But also of actors, writers, cinematographers, genres, production houses, etc. The guiding principle was, as the title suggests, completism — watching everything made by a given artist or entity, preferably in order, and then composing an evaluative summary. I also liked how completism, as an ethos, had more than a whiff of presumption to it, and was therefore likely to humble the practitioner. Strutting around with the idea that you can truly see “everything” (given such fickle factors as availability and access) is sure to result in a few Sisyphean boulders flattening you Wile E. Coyote-style.

My worst enemy, as usual, proved to be myself. I only posted some short entries on Akira Kurosawa and a full piece on Michael Cimino. Nowadays, I feel more in the groove of the completist ethic, so am resurrecting the project (retitled “Complete”), and protecting myself with no promises of regularity. Each entry leads off with a filmography — not necessarily unabridged, though comprised of everything I’ve seen — that semi-mimics the style of Andrew Sarris’s The American Cinema. Differences: All titles are italicized, the year of release is in parentheses, and peaks/personal favorites are bolded. The filmography is followed by a critical overview of the artist, sometimes touching on every title, sometimes not. I may make additions to published entries should I find I have more to say. And the index below will be updated as I “complete” a new subject, so keep checking back.

Thanks for reading, and I hope these pieces lead you in your own enriching directions.

—Keith Uhlich (March 2nd, 2021)

Index (alphabetical by last name or first letter of subject)